Treating Growing Smiles with Advanced Solutions

With innovative solutions and technologies replacing more traditional methods (i.e., radiographs, dental putty, etc.), the opportunity to create a more comfortable experience is now easier than ever before. At Main Street Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Pleasanton, we are excited to incorporate high-tech equipment that produces high-resolution images, accurate results, and optimal comfort. Check out some of the advanced dental technologies in Pleasanton that we use and call us if you have any questions.

Combining Innovation & Comfort for a More Pleasant Experience

  • Timely Treatment with Cavity Detection System
  • Safer Dental X-Rays That Emit Less Radiation
  • Non-Messy Digital Impression System for Accurate Restorations

Intraoral Cameras

Dental team member holding thin white intraoral camera

Establishing good oral hygiene habits at an early age is important. One way to do this is by giving children a clear insight into what is going on inside their mouth. With intraoral cameras, our team can project real-time images of your child’s teeth and gums so that they can see what is happening. Whether there is a cavity that needs a filling, or our dentist wants to explain the importance of flossing, this device serves as a teaching tool so that your child will better grasp why routine dental habits are important for better oral health.

All-Digital Dental X-Rays

Dentist gesturing to computer screen showing x rays of teeth

Using Dexis digital dental X-rays, we can quickly review images of your child’s mouth and see what is happening underneath the gumline. Instead of waiting copious amounts of time for lackluster images to be revealed, this system generates high-resolution scans that can be viewed just seconds after being captured. This not only gives our team a clearer view of your child’s mouth but also reduces the amount of time they will spend waiting in the dentist’s chair.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

Large white dental cone beam scanner

Depending on the type of treatment your child needs, we may use our 3D Cone Beam Imaging system. With a 360-degree arm that rotates around their head, the device requires that your child stand still while it captures hundreds of images of their teeth, gums, jawbone, nerves, blood vessels, head, and neck. Using the three-dimensional model that is created from the multiple images, our team can evaluate the status of your child’s oral and facial structures to create a more cohesive treatment plan.

Digital Dental Impression System

Screen showing digital model of a row of teeth

If your child has a sensitive gag reflex but needs a customized restoration, you no longer need to worry about the use of cold dental putty. Instead, we turn to our digital dental impression system. Cleaner and easier to use, we simply scan their teeth, which produces a 3D model on a chairside monitor. From here, our team can make adjustments and note various specifications so that lab technicians can craft customized crowns, orthodontics, or other restorations to properly fit your child’s smile.

Cavity Detection System

Dentist showing a young girl in dental chair her dental x rays

Our cavity detection system at Main Street Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Pleasanton allows our team to look for even the earliest signs of dental decay. During a regular checkup, this device is used to scan your child’s mouth, and its specialized light notices darkened areas as well as those that may not be as evident when viewed with the naked eye.