Top-Quality Services for Growing Smiles

Main Street Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Pleasanton offers an array of pediatric dental services in Pleasanton that are designed to boost, enhance, and encourage optimal oral growth and development. From dental checkups and teeth cleanings to dental sealants, silver diamine fluoride, tooth extractions, fluoride treatment, and more, we come together to build treatment plans that will give your child’s smile the best chance for success. Give us a call if you’re ready to schedule an upcoming appointment.

Why Choose Main Street Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Pleasanton for Pediatric Dental Services?

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Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Young girl receiving a dental checkup from her pediatric dentist in Pleasanton

Six-month dental checkups and teeth cleanings are essential to keeping young smiles healthy. In combination with good at-home oral hygiene habits, our team will perform a thorough examination, take safe digital X-rays, and remove any accumulated plaque and tartar from pearly whites. Before your child leaves, though, we’ll offer helpful tips and tricks to keep teeth and gums pain-free at home so that they receive a positive report during their next visit.

Non-Nutritive Oral Habits

Baby sucking their thumb

It’s natural for a child to suck their thumb or use a pacifier as an infant or toddler. Allowing these non-nutritive habits to continue beyond the age of 3, though, can create issues when it comes to their oral and facial development. Protruding teeth and mouth breathing are just two potential problems that can lead to serious and complex conditions (i.e., overbite, jaw pain, sleep-breathing disorder, etc.). Our team will help them to break these bad habits with positive and stress-free solutions.

Dental Sealants

Dentist examining a childs teeth

The pits and grooves of teeth can become havens for bacteria and harmful particles. These chewing surfaces may not be getting the attention they need, as molars and premolars are often some of the hardest for tiny hands to reach. If adequate cleaning does not occur, cavities can form. But with dental sealants, we can apply a clear coating over these surfaces, preventing bacteria from penetrating enamel and causing dental caries.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Young girl in dental chair smiling at her dentist

Traditional fluoride treatments help prevent cavities, but if one has already formed, our team will use silver diamine fluoride (SDF). Approved by the FDA for the use of cavity prevention and tooth protection, the combination of silver and fluoride works to eliminate bacteria to keep them from spreading while also strengthening the tooth enamel to prevent future decay. SDF is an ideal solution if your child is fearful of receiving a tooth-colored filling at a young age.

Fluoride Treatment

Young girl in dental chair with fluoride trays on her teeth

Children who are prone to cavities will find it beneficial to receive fluoride treatment during regular dental checkups. Beneficial for patients of all ages, this natural mineral, when applied to tooth enamel, works to strengthen it over time, keeping bacteria from entering and attacking the outer layer. It takes only minutes to apply and is a completely comfortable form of preventive care.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Illustrated row of teeth with white fillings

If decay has spread and caused a cavity to form, we can recommend a tooth-colored filling. This process involves cleaning the infected tooth and using a color-matched composite resin to fill the existing structure. Once hardened into place, the tooth will remain protected against bacteria, plaque, and harmful particles that might otherwise try to reinfect the area and create more serious consequences.

Dental Crowns

Dental crown over a tooth in a model of the mouth

Decay that reaches beyond the enamel and into the dentin cannot often be treated with a tooth-colored filling. This is why we will likely recommend a dental crown. We assure you that our team will use digital impressions to have a customized crown designed to protect their smile while giving them the best chance at improved oral health. Our crowns are made from various materials, which will be determined during an appointment with one of our board-certified dentists.

Safe Digital Dental X-Rays

Computer screen showing x rays of teeth

The X-rays used today are unlike those that once required dentists to spend hours in a darkroom waiting for images to come into view. Instead, images are now captured in just seconds, allowing dentists and patients to view what is happening inside the mouth and beneath the gumline. Emitting far less radiation, these diagnostic imaging systems are much safer and more accurate, both of which are reassuring to a parent like yourself.

Root Canals / Pulp Therapy

Model of tooth showing pulp layer inside of it

When your child complains of tooth pain, it may be a sign of something more serious. If the pulp becomes infected or damaged, our team will perform pulp therapy or a root canal. While pulp therapy involves removing a small portion of the pulp, a root canal removes it entirely. This process is designed to save the tooth from extraction while also alleviating any discomfort they are experiencing.

Tooth Extractions

Dental forceps holding an extracted tooth

Your child’s permanent teeth are the only set they get, so it’s important to take proper care of them. However, if your little one still has a few baby teeth, or another problem exists, we may recommend tooth removal if one or more of the following is occurring:

  • The tooth does not want to fall out on its own but is preventing the permanent tooth from pushing through the gumline.
  • The tooth is severely damaged and alternative restorative options are not successful.
  • Root canal therapy and pulp therapy are not enough to treat a decayed tooth.

Athletic Mouthguards

Young boy placing green athletic mouthguard into his mouth

Sports can become one of the most exciting aspects of growing up. Playing on a team that promotes healthy competition is good for children and teenagers. But as a parent, you want to make sure they stay safe, which is why an athletic mouthguard is necessary. Instead of your child becoming a statistic and suffering a serious dental injury while on the field, these oral appliances can be customized to fit comfortably and provide maximum protection against hard-hitting blows and sudden falls.